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Category Archives: Legal Articles

Tuesday, May-24, 2022

Harper’s Law

Harper's Law The death of PC Andrew Harper during his response to a burglary incident in Berkshire in September 2019 prompted new legislation to protect those working in the emergency services. Here Partner Peter Minnikin and Criminal Law Executive Kate Develly look at what the new law means. After PC Andrew Harper’s death while working,…
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Business Interruption?

Business Interruption? [caption id="attachment_4832" align="alignleft" width="250"] Hayley Carr[/caption] We are all too familiar with the difficulties posed by the pandemic and the unprecedented challenges it brought to our day to day lives; particularly, how we work, communicate and travel. Many businesses in the UK faced extreme challenges and suffered financially as a result. Litigation Executive…
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Inheritance Tax – New Rules

Inheritance Tax - New Rules [caption id="attachment_2323" align="alignleft" width="250"] Elaine Lightfoot[/caption] This year has seen the introduction of new rules for inheritance tax reporting on estates where no tax is payable. Partner and Head of Private Client Elaine Lightfoot explores the changes. The arrival of 2022 brought with it changes by the Office of Tax…
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Magistrates Court Sentencing Powers

Magistrates Court Sentencing Powers [caption id="attachment_4807" align="alignleft" width="250"] Brian Nuttney[/caption] It has recently been announced that magistrates will have their sentencing powers increased from six months to 12 months after a backlog of around 60,000 cases built up at Crown Courts as a result of the Covid lockdowns. So is this a sensible measure to…
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