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Monday, Jul-13, 2020

Flexible Furlough and Tapering

Flexible Furlough and Tapering   There are a number of changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (Scheme) and guidance has been issued. From 1 July employers can agree (in writing and a copy retained for five years) that an employee can return to work for any amount of time and on any work pattern.…
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Mediation Winston Churchill still gets plenty of airtime. He was prolific in many areas and I recently enjoyed watching the film “The Darkest Hour”. Although Churchill is best known as our wartime leader and the person who galvanised the nation against the Nazis, one of his quotes (although these may not be his exact words)…
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I don’t want to come in to work?

I don't want to come in to work? The economy is slowly moving towards greater activity as lockdown rules are relaxed. Companies will adjust to the new rules on furlough and look to generate as much activity as possible whilst sticking within the various Government guidance on the workplace. Gone are the days when workers…
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After the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

After the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (Scheme) has been through a number of developments and is with us until the end of October. Getting agreement on the terms of furlough remains important and from 1 August 2020 the Scheme is operating on a reduced basis. What will face employers after…
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