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Friday, Sep-18, 2020

Courts to Protect Domestic Abuse Victims

Courts to Protect Domestic Abuse Victims A major overhaul of family courts and how they deal with victims of domestic abuse has been announced. Family Solicitor Carol Hancock explains what the changes mean. The changes announced by the Ministry of Justice on how the family courts deal with domestic abuse victims and their children are…
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Lockdown Conflict

Lockdown Conflict Family department Solicitor Carol Hancock is an expert in domestic abuse and its effect on families. Here she looks at the current situation. One of the most unfortunate and lesser reported effects of COVID-19 has been how domestic abuse has risen.  There are complex reasons for this that start with the obvious of…
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Willing to help

Willing to help As the impacts of COVID-19 continue to be felt across the world, Partner Elaine Lightfoot has found that many people are making sure their affairs are in order. The lockdown restrictions imposed on 23 March led to an almost immediate rise in Will instructions with a 70 per cent increase in the…
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Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here? It seems as though the end to challenges on the employment front is not yet anywhere in sight. Head of Employment Law Iain Jenkins takes a look at some of the future possibilities. Writing this before the end of furlough, it is difficult to draw any conclusions about the…
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