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The role of business in supporting sporting, cultural and charitable concerns in the wider community, and the opportunities for those concerns to raise funding from business, have together created one of the givens of modern business life: sponsorship exists at all levels and in every context.

Not every sponsorship is the big money corporate sponsorship of a Formula One team or Premiership football club. All sponsorships, however, have the same basic requirement, each party must get what it wants from the event or the relationship, but not at the expense of the other.

McCormicks has a long history of involvement in sponsorship of all kinds and at all levels, which, combined with its universally acknowledged expertise in sports law, delivers state of the art advice to strike the balance crucial to these transactions.


McCormicks’ work in this field is allied to our vast knowledge and experience in both sports law and the charities and community sector.

Peter McCormick leads the team at McCormicks. Peter is one of the leading sports lawyers in the UK with an international reputation. He is co-author of “Sports Business: Law, Practice and Precedents” the best selling book on sports law and its commercial aspects.

The team at McCormicks has conducted a number of significant matters for a wide variety of clients ranging from The Premier League to smaller organisations, including those with charitable status. They have vast experience, not only of the legal aspects of sponsorship arrangements, but of the commercial environments in which our clients operate.

Versatile rainmaker Peter McCormick of McCormicks is one of the UK’s best-connected sports lawyers, with very close links to the FAPL, which the firm advises on broadcasting, sponsorship, commercial and contractual matters.” Legal 500

McCormicks’ Peter McCormick enjoys an excellent reputation in the charities field, the firm acts for the Football foundation on contractual issues, and for the War Memorials Trust on fundraising and sponsorship matters.” Legal 500

Renowned for his sports and media expertise, Peter McCormick of McCormicks is ‘a great communicator and outstanding with client relationships.” Chambers UK

This Professional Discipline team impresses clients with ‘its cooperative work ethic. The lawyers make you feel important and they prioritise your work.’” Chambers UK.

Clients dub Peter McCormick ‘an intellectually clever, commercially astute lawyer who is very good to have on your side in a time of crisis.’ He applies his great depth of experience and legal knowledge in a calm and efficient manner.” Chambers UK

Peter McCormick is ranked as a ‘star performer.’ This Harrogate-based team continues to operate on a national level for which a great deal of the credit must go to Peter McCormick, a solicitor whom clients simply could not praise enough. ‘A legend in the field of football’', he is extremely active for marquee client, the Premier League. ‘McCormick is an intellectually brilliant, commercially astute and hands-on lawyer – he’s as good as it gets’, proclaim happy clients. The team attracts praise for its commendable work ethic and excellent client skills: ‘these lawyers make you feel like you’re their priority – they’ll work day and night to get the job done.” Chambers UK

Offering ‘unrivalled industry knowledge in sport’, Peter McCormick at McCormicks continues to advise at the highest level in the football world.” UK Legal 500

Peter McCormick is a star figure within the world of football.” Chambers UK.

Peter McCormick at McCormicks is ‘an outstanding sports lawyer’ and a ‘striker who any informed client would choose to lead his team.’ Clients say the firm ‘punches way above its weight and is a true specialist in the field.” UK Legal 500

McCormicks’ Peter McCormick has an excellent reputation for contentious and non-contentious work across broadcasting, IP rights and sponsorship and for defamation complaints relating to print and broadcast media.” UK Legal 500

Clients say the firm is ‘a very professional outfit with excellent credentials, contacts and knowledge."

"Peter McCormick is known for his experience in sports law and has a reputation as being a powerful advocate of his client’s case. Clients say he is a ‘very commercial, straight-talking lawyer who is incredibly driven with a clear determination to succeed.” Chambers UK

The well-regarded Peter McCormick leads the team which handles both contentious and non-contentious work and acts for high-profile companies as well as individuals. The practice spans broadcasting, media, personal contracts, sponsorship, defamation and complaints relating to broadcasters and the press.” UK Legal 500

Clients say ‘They don’t just lay down the law. The advice we receive is pragmatic, common-sense and fits with the environment we are working within. Peter McCormick offers clients an authentic understanding of sports regulation and is applauded by sources for infusing his advice with commercial sense.” Chambers UK

McCormicks maintains a well-respected team. Practice head Peter McCormick is ‘knowledgeable, reliable, helpful and authoritative.” UK Legal 500

Harrogate-based McCormicks is highly influential in the football sector. Market observers say: ‘They have a really thorough knowledge of football, both the market and the law.’ Clients say the firm is 'immensely responsive, very prompt, very quick, respond carefully to all the requests we’ve made.

Peter McCormick is a towering figure within football. Opponents, colleagues and clients alike are quick to attest to the value of the ‘practical common-sense advice’, provided by ‘a lawyer who not only understands football, but always sees the commercial realities as well.” Chambers UK.

McCormicks has established itself as one of the few English media firms outside London with a profile in the wider market.” Chambers UK

According to one source this team ‘does what is said on the tin’. Peter McCormick is ‘thoroughly competent and absolutely responsive.” Chambers UK

"McCormicks’ ‘excellent’ team has ‘unrivalled knowledge of football’. The ‘very commercial’ Peter McCormick is highlighted for his ‘expertise’ and ‘sound advice.” UK Legal 500

This Harrogate-based team plays an integral part in the region’s sports sector. However it is the team’s work for the Premier League which marks it out as one of the country’s elite sports practices.” Chambers UK

Peter McCormick is a prominent figure within sport, especially football. One client was highly impressed with his ‘very practical approach to commercial business – when I make big decisions, I run them past him. He’s so streetwise that while I know his expertise is in sports law, I feel confident asking him about anything!” Chambers UK

McCormicks’ Peter McCormick is ‘vastly experienced, savvy, an able advocate and a fearsome opponent’. As chairman of the Premier League Legal Advisory Group, he continues to advise on Portsmouth FC’s insolvency and the Olympic Stadium dispute. He was also involved in bringing to Harrogate Le Grand Départ of the 2014 Tour de France. Other clients include Leeds United FC, Yorkshire County Cricket Club and a number of non-league football clubs.” Legal 500

"They have total command of the subject area. Their hard work, tenacity and good humour impressed me in particular." - Chambers UK - Sport

"Sources say Peter McCormick is 'a realy leader who ensures that his team delivers. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves either, and everything he does he does with humour and charm.' He acts on a wide range of regulatory, commercial and contractual matters for the Premier League." - Chambers UK - Sport

"The 'outstanding' Peter McCormick handles all legal matters (apart from IP protection and media contracts) for the Premier League." - Legal 500

"At McCormicks, the 'sophisticated and shrewd' Peter McCormick is the 'doyen of football law', and handles a raft of work for the Premier League. McCormicks are acting for the Premier League in the defence of a challenge brought by Leyton Orient FC to the decision to allow West Ham United to play its home games at the Olympic Stadium." - Legal 500