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Employment Disputes and Restrictive Covenants

Friday, Jun-21, 2024

Employment Disputes and Restrictive Covenants

We can help with any Employment related disputes, sometimes employing the assistance of our excellent Commercial Litigation Team.

Employment claims for unfair dismissal and discrimination, for example, start in the Employment Tribunal, once they have been through the compulsory ACAS procedure. Many settle before a Hearing, but if not, we have years of experience dealing with Tribunal claims and fighting the wide variety of other possible claims. Our costs will depend on the nature of the claims, but we will obviously give fee quotes/estimates so you know where you stand. We can also offer before the event insurance to cover legal costs and/or awards if this is of interest to you. For some employers, this gives the comfort of dealing with the risk of a significant discrimination claim for example, others do not go down this route. The statistics show that the average award (as at March 2019) on a claim for unfair dismissal is £13,704.

You might also have Employment disputes around wages, holiday pay, bonuses and restrictive covenants. We know how to litigate all of these. We advise extensively on bonus entitlements and the arguments that arise in relation to discretionary bonuses. We have many years of experience of restrictive covenants, dealing with pre-action correspondence and requests for undertakings and any litigation which may follow, including the application for an injunction. Our Injunction Team of Iain Jenkins and Phil Edmondson can be quickly mobilised, whether you are seeking an injunction or defending an application. The cost of these proceedings can be prohibitive, but we understand the strategies in this area, how litigation might be avoided and what can be done by employers and ex-employees to avoid litigation whilst maximising positions.

We can also offer insurance which covers the costs of restrictive covenant litigation if you want to talk to us about this.