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Corporate Crime, Fraud & Risk

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Corporate Crime, Fraud & Risk

In today's culture of state intervention, any business, however reputable, can get "the knock". It can come from almost any quarter, at almost any time and it has to be faced fearlessly and effectively. In these circumstances, the most important time is often immediately after the start of any investigation. It can be fatal to be blasé and fatal to be fatalistic. What is needed is realism, confidence in your legal advisers and the ability to respond appropriately. McCormicks can react at any time day or night and can get a team on the ground to deal with every aspect of what is thrown at you.

To be at the centre of an accusation of criminal activity or fraud, either as accuser or accused, is, to put it bluntly, a frightening experience. The scale and complexity of such an investigations can be almost overwhelming. To make them manageable you need to be able to avoid getting lost in the incidental details, identify the key issues quickly and pursue them relentlessly.

For many businesses however, the difference between success and failure rests on how they deal with risk in the first place. Avoiding criminal investigation or eventual prosecution ultimately depends upon what systems have been put in place to minimise risk, how well the business is set up to react to unforeseen events and how well it complies with the ever growing forest of regulations affecting it. McCormicks specialises in conducting due diligence exercises, advising on regulatory constraints and changes and implementing procedures designed to minimise risk.

From the outset of a case, the firm will advise a client as to his or her eligibility for legal aid and other potential ways of funding the case.


Our Corporate Crime, Fraud and Risk Management work is handled by specialists in the Criminal Department who have a wealth of experience in dealing with such matters, including the following:

  • Fraud prosecutions conducted by the Serious Fraud Office, the Special Compliance Office, HM Revenue & Customs, the Department of Work & Pensions and the Crown Prosecution Service Special Case Work Directorate
  • Investigations and Prosecutions conducted by HM Revenue & Customs and the Department of Trade and Industry
  • Civil Tax Investigations and Tribunals
  • Regulatory Investigations and Prosecutions conducted by Trading Standards, the Financial Services Authority, the Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive
  • Directors’ Responsibilities and Disqualification matters
  • Professional Disciplinary Matters including for example, Disciplinary Hearings before the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and The Solicitors Regulatory Authority
  • Internal Corporate Fraud Investigations.

McCormicks was in the first group of firms admitted to the Specialist Fraud Panel appointed by the Legal Services Commission (now the Legal Aid Agency) and successfully retained its appointment throughout the period of the Panel's existence. McCormicks has also been a member of the VHCC Panel of the Legal Aid Agency since its inception. McCormicks, therefore, has the experience, knowledge and expertise to carry out all types of Corporate Crime, Fraud and Risk work.

McCormicks has a unique reputation and expertise in this field and the team continues to receive a number of cases referred to it by other firms of solicitors in the North East who themselves are unable to handle complex and difficult fraud cases. McCormicks also boasts 2 solicitors holding the Higher Courts Qualification namely Peter Minnikin and Peter McCormick.

This Harrogate-based operation acts on allegations of fraud as well as regulatory matters such as trading standards investigations, prosecutions for the HSE and investigations and prosecutions by HM Revenue & Customs and the DTI.” Chambers UK

With more than its fair share of ranked individuals, this firm is best known for the quality of its white collar work." Chambers UK

"This firm has been involved in some of the region's most significant criminal cases. It recently acted in a highly publicised kidnapping case involving a well-known Yorkshire Barrister. It also has expertise in white-collar crime and fraud matters, and its lawyers "guide clients and follow cases through from A to Z."" Chambers UK

“The firm is a member of the Very High Cost Cases Panel and is instructed on general crime and fraud cases. Recent highlights for the team include defending individuals in cases involving sexual assault and historical sexual abuse, gangland shootings, drug conspiracy, and gross negligence manslaughter. Peter Minnikin was promoted to the partnership in August 2016 and is instructed on a range of general crime matters, including drug, violence and sexual offence cases, as well as a range of regulatory work.” - Legal 500