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Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Wednesday, Oct-16, 2019

Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Corporate Recovery

Insolvency need not be the end of everything. Far from the old ideas of corporate and personal shipwreck, the efforts of today's insolvency lawyers are directed at turning the ship around before it founders rather than watching the creditors and competitors loot the wreckage.

To do that, you need acumen, creativity and - let's face it - good contacts. An ability to face up to the situation and make tough decisions does not go amiss either.

McCormicks can give you all of that - and the support you need to make what is otherwise a tough process the start of building something altogether more seaworthy.



McCormicks has an excellent reputation for providing solutions to complex commercial situations. We have experience in all areas of insolvency and corporate recovery including both contentious and non-contentious and pre-insolvency scenarios. We work with a number of leading insolvency accountants.

The department handles the full range of work including:

  • Security and Restructuring
  • Advising Administrators
  • Company Liquidation
  • Refinancing and Debt Reorganisation

The Dispute Resolution and Litigation Team are also available to advise on any possible litigation arising from bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.

In addition, Peter McCormick advises sporting organisations on insolvency matters including:

  • Advising the Premier League on their Rules and Insolvency Policy
  • Disputes between Clubs and Creditors
  • Sporting Sanctions and Points Deductions
  • Insolvency Events


If you are an individual unable to pay your debts McCormicks can provide advice on how best to resolve your problems.

Having considered your circumstances the team at McCormicks guide the client through the most suitable process and work to find the best possible solution. The team advises on a whole range of bankruptcy matters including:

  • Managing Credit Debts
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA’s)
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Debt Repayment Plans

Renowned for his sports and media expertise, Peter McCormick of McCormicks is ‘a great communicator and outstanding with client relationships.” Chambers UK

McCormicks’ Peter McCormick has an excellent reputation for contentious and non-contentious work across broadcasting, IP rights and sponsorship and for defamation complaints relating to print and broadcast media.” UK Legal 500

The well-regarded Peter McCormick leads the team which handles both contentious and non-contentious work and acts for high-profile companies as well as individuals. The practice spans broadcasting, media, personal contracts, sponsorship, defamation and complaints relating to broadcasters and the press.” UK Legal 500

McCormicks has established itself as one of the few English media firms outside London with a profile in the wider market.” Chambers UK

"McCormicks’ ‘excellent’ team has ‘unrivalled knowledge of football.’ The ‘very commercial’ Peter McCormick is highlighted for his ‘expertise’ and ‘sound advice.” UK Legal 500

This Harrogate-based team plays an integral part in the region’s sports sector. However it is the team’s work for the Premier League which marks it out as one of the country’s elite sports practices.” Chambers UK

Peter McCormick is a prominent figure within sport, especially football. One client was highly impressed with his ‘very practical approach to commercial business – when I make big decisions, I run them past him. He’s so streetwise that while I know his expertise is in sports law, I feel confident asking him about anything!” Chambers UK

McCormicks’ Peter McCormick is ‘vastly experienced, savvy, an able advocate and a fearsome opponent’. As chairman of the Premier League Legal Advisory Group, he continues to advise on Portsmouth FC’s insolvency and the Olympic Stadium dispute. He was also involved in bringing to Harrogate Le Grand Départ of the 2014 Tour de France. Other clients include Leeds United FC, Yorkshire County Cricket Club and a number of non-league football clubs. Philip Edmondson is also recommended.” Legal 500