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Ismael Uddin

Wednesday, Jul-24, 2024

Ismael Uddin


Ismael is a qualified Barrister and Police Station Representative with over 24 years’ experience in Criminal and Regulatory Law.

He has been involved in prosecuting and defending cases for the Government, public and private sector organisations. (Crown Prosecution Service, HMRC, Environment Agency) but now exclusively defends in all cases.

His experience means he is familiar with Government procedures from the Crown Prosecution Service and cases involving the various Government bodies.

Having worked within the field of criminal and regulatory law from start to finish he has gained extensive detailed knowledge of the mechanisms within the Government such as, investigations, sanctions, public policy, costs, and enforcement.

He has experience of cases ranging from serious assaults to complex frauds often dealing with domestic violence and vulnerable victims including allegations of sexual offending. This has allowed him to have an advanced understanding of the risks. Taking measures to reduce risks as well as resolve matters with a working solution in line with public policy and guidance.

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