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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Wednesday, Jun-29, 2022

New Approach to Wills

New Approach to Wills What will the new legislation around the witnessing of Wills mean in practice? Partner Elaine Lightfoot explains. An understandable reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has been the vast increase in Will instructions received since late February this year, with many firms seeing a rise of up to 70 per cent as…
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Wheels Turning Slowly

Wheels Turning Slowly The impact of COVID-19 on the criminal court system has been significant. Solicitor Brian Nuttney explains how long some might wait to see their cases heard. If the wheels of justice are said to turn slowly, that is especially so since the COVID-19 lockdown. That is an observation, not a criticism, but…
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We All Have A Lot On Our Plate

We All Have A Lot On Our Plate But here are three reminders of what you may need to consider over the coming months: Although we have covered this in a previous update it is worth a reminder that your Employment Particulars (Section 1 Statements) containing basic employment information for your employees should be up…
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Courts to Protect Domestic Abuse Victims

Courts to Protect Domestic Abuse Victims A major overhaul of family courts and how they deal with victims of domestic abuse has been announced. Family Solicitor Carol Hancock explains what the changes mean. The changes announced by the Ministry of Justice on how the family courts deal with domestic abuse victims and their children are…
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