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Category Archives: Legal Articles

Monday, Apr-22, 2024

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me?

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me? This may be an odd title, but it references the “sunset” date being the end of 2023 as set out in The Retained EU Law Bill. The Bill potentially means the removal of certain key pieces of EU-derived law currently retained following Brexit. It also confers very…
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To Charge Or Not?

To Charge Or Not? [caption id="attachment_2323 border" align="alignleft" width="250"] Elaine Lightfoot[/caption] A recent Court of Appeal ruling has provided clarity to Executors and Trustees in respect of their ability to charge their time for acting in these roles during estate administration. As many people Will have experienced, the role of Executor can be an incredibly…
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Making It Up

Making It Up Falsifying information on a CV can lead to deep water. Head of Employment Iain Jenkins looks at one recent case. We are all prone to embellishment, exaggeration and hyperbole but a successful applicant for a CEO role took this way too far when fabricating a CV. Perhaps having watched Tom Hanks and…
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Cohabitation Misconceptions

Cohabitation Misconceptions [caption id="attachment_4786" align="alignleft" width="250"] Lucy Harbron[/caption] With strong growth in the numbers of couples cohabiting, Lucy Habron, part of our Family department, tackles some of the common misconceptions about legal status. Couples who live together and are not married represent one in every five family types in the UK. The latest Census reported…
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