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Category Archives: Legal Articles

Saturday, Feb-04, 2023

Safeguard Your Brand

Safeguard Your Brand   Safeguarding the brand, whether new or established, is important to any business. Solicitor James Towler looks at how to go about it. There is widespread belief that securing a domain name and registering your company name at Companies House ensures that you are the only person that can use your brand…
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To Name and Shame?

To Name and Shame? A new form invites applicants to name the third party involved if the petitioner is seeking divorce on the grounds of adultery. Our Head of Family Law, Stephen Hopwood, has concerns. The newly-designed on-line form to apply for a divorce in England and Wales asks for the name "of the person…
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End of Tribunal Fees?

End of Tribunal Fees? A Supreme Court ruling on fees for Employment Tribunals has overturned a four-year system. Employment Law specialist Sara Morgan looks at the implications. July 26 this year was a momentous day and not just for employment lawyers. It was the day the Supreme Court gave its judgment in the long-running challenge…
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Hate Crime

Hate Crime Partner Geoff Rogers looks at the impact of the Crown Prosecution Service‚Äôs new guidelines on on-line hate crimes. In August the Crown Prosecution Service published new guidelines (coinciding with a social media campaign) as to how it intends to prosecute hate crime in England and Wales. These guidelines cover all areas of hate…
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